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Sugbutel Launches an Exciting, New Website!

Sugbutel Bed & Bath Building
Sugbutel Launches an Exciting, New Website!

Known for its innovative ideas in creating better ways for the traveler, Sugbutel has taken on a new project – renovating its previous website to come up with a better, up-to-date, and interactive website that’s easy on the eyes.

No-Frills Design

In keeping with the “no-frills” theme of Sugbutel accommodation, the new website has also taken this approach to come up with a clean design with organized links for easy navigation. Links to important pages such as the famous Early Bird Promo are readily available at the Home Page.

Improved Room Types Info

As Sugbutel adds more room types into its portfolio, it’s essential to guide guests in differentiating one room type from another. The more detailed descriptions, accompanied with corresponding photos, provide guests with a better idea of how the various rooms look like, so they can make a more informed choice.

Interactive Features

The new website features a Live Chat button via Skype where guests can chat with a Sugbutel representative to answer urgent queries. This is useful for guests who find it inconvenient to call the Sugbutel hotlines or who prefer chat over email.

Previously not available, a Facebook-integrated Testimonial Page can now accept guests’ feedbacks and suggestions, allowing management to keep track of what their customers think.

Finding Sugbutel

Need to know how many minutes you need to get to Sugbutel from the airport? The new website uses Google Maps to provide realistic directions from Sugbutel to just about any point in the City.

Cebu Hot Spots

Clueless as to what to do in Cebu? Get ideas from the list of tourist spots enumerated in the new website. Concerned with making sure you enjoy your stay in Cebu, Sugbutel makes it easy for you to make the most out of your visit.

Overall, features improvements in aesthetics and functionality, to match Sugbutel’s competitive pace in creating better ways for the traveler.