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Sugbutel takes good care of the Philippine SuperLiga participants

Philippine Super Liga (PSL) stays in Sugbutel for PSL Spike Tour

Philippine Super Liga (PSL) stays in Sugbutel for PSL Spike Tour

The first modern hostel in the Philippines, Sugbutel Family Hotel will give home to the Philippine SuperLiga (PSL) participants as it will hold a fun and exciting event of a volleyball tournament in the Queen City of the South Cebu this Saturday, July 5.

PSL, a corporate club volleyball league in the country that’s organized by SportsCore Event Management and Consultancy, Inc. will come and let Cebuano people hear a sneaker echoing, referees blowing their whistles and spectacular spikes from some of the well-known individuals who made legendary mark in the volleyball world.

Abigail “Aby” Marano of De La Salle University, which team won in the last UAAP Season 76 finals will lead AirAsia Flying Spikers against former Ateneo Lady Eagle Gretchen Ho’s team Petron Blaze Spikers of the women’s division. Richard Gomez, the headlined of the Systema Active Smashers will fight against Cignal HD Spikers where Cebuano Mike Abria will play off.

Coaches, players and some organizers will be welcomed by Sugbutel’s warm and friendly staff today, making sure that their stay will truly an experience of a genuine Cebuano hospitality.

The Volleyball tournament will have a live telecast at Solar Sports. It will be held at the University of San Carlos (USC) Gymnasium and will start at 4:00 in the afternoon. Tickets at Php200 and Php100 are available at the USC Athletic Department.